Angus Sale catalogue for web pdf

12 sons of Texas Dynamite E139
9 sons of Koojan Hills Design A28
7 sons of Koojan Hills Bando D144

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Please download the  Angus newsletter – Feb 2014  pdf

After a dry early winter, the rain was incessant and the grass would not grow. With more and more rain in the spring, it seemed that situation would continue, but now the grass has grown and the cattle look exceptional.. (more…)

This year there are 12 sons of the $30 000 bull, Texas Dynamite E139 in the April 15 Woodbourn Angus Sale.
At every weighing, inspecting and agent bull selecting , they have been a standout







The time has come for the succession planning to ‘kick in’.
It has been seven years or so, getting to this stage, where the property will be split and run separately, with lots of shared use of labour and infrastructure for all parties. Charles has always believed in letting the younger generation have full autonomy in their business. (more…)

Australian Angus breeders were surprised and very shocked to be told of another genetic disorder and much discussion took place amongst breeders. The Tasmanian Angus Group asked the CEO of Angus Australia to come to Tasmania to explain the disorder and Angus Australia’s stand on it. (more…)

Charles was again invited to judge at the Adelaide Show in 2013. He has been invited a number of times to judge Murray Greys but this was his first time as an Angus judge.
Whenever you judge at the Adelaide Show you are given a number of breeds to judge as well as the main breed you were invited for and Charles has judged Basadaise, Piedmontese, Dexters, Lowlines, Squaremeaters, Galloways and Highland cattle.


Woodbourn sale cattle are put through a testing and examination regime second to none
and are presented in the best condition possible.
• Woodbourn weighs all 400 calves at birth
• Woodbourn is an MN3 herd