Australian Angus breeders were surprised and very shocked to be told of another genetic disorder and much discussion took place amongst breeders. The Tasmanian Angus Group asked the CEO of Angus Australia to come to Tasmania to explain the disorder and Angus Australia’s stand on it.
It was a very worthwhile evening and Peter Parnell, with his calm intelligent approach, told everyone of the series of events and findings leading up to the isolation of the disorder, the incidence of the disorder in the industry and projected number of cases, the cost of that to the industry and the reasons behind the society’s rules on it. As there was most likely to be a backlog of testing for this new disease, as breeders tried to establish their own situation, Woodbourn immediately sent samples of their senior sires for testing and was very relieved to find they were all negative.
As usual, panic is no solution in these cases, but sensible use of these sires with percentage probability is the order of the day. These genetic disorders will eventually disappear through careful use of sires and the general cow herd..

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