The time has come for the succession planning to ‘kick in’.
It has been seven years or so, getting to this stage, where the property will be split and run separately, with lots of shared use of labour and infrastructure for all parties. Charles has always believed in letting the younger generation have full autonomy in their business.
This has lead to the proposed reduction in the Woodbourn Angus female herd to a more manageable number on a reduced acreage.
A percentage of top females will be retained (and a large number sold) and their offspring will be offered privately in the ensuing spring joining periods.
The 2014 Annual Bull Sale will be the last of the Autumn Woodbourn Angus Bull Sales.
All the usual care, husbandry, testing etc will continue to guarantee a quality product is offered.
Having just completed bull selection for the 2014 sale, the type and condition of the bulls is far in front of other years in both the Murray Greys and Angus.
Three months out from the sale, the bull weights are sale weights – all on grass with no supplementary feeding.

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