Woodbourn has long enjoyed encouraging young people in the rural industry and has employed many inexperienced young men and young women over the years and has given them confidence and skill in the rural industry.
Woodbourn has been very pleased to be the major sponsor of the Murray Grey Youth Ambassador for a number of years and is continuing with that sponsorship.

It is a pleasure to meet the young contestants and to see their development over the years.
It will be good to see the entries at this year’s national Show and Sale.
One of many examples of the benefits of the Woodbourn Ambassador Program is the story of Jake Phillips. He was part of the Woodbourn Youth Ambassador awards and has grown in to a much admired and respected young man, very intelligent and very motivated. He has won championships and notable awards. The most recent was the judging award highlighted in the Murray Grey web site
Jake was the judge at the Scottsdale Show in 2013 where Murray Greys were the feature breed. Woodbourn had pleasure in sponsoring a major class at the show and the showing of Murray greys was very impressive – a great advertisement for the breed.
While on the subject of supporting youth, it was with pleasure that Charles took part in the statewide cattle event which took place at the Exeter High School in September.
Charles subject was bull selection and he took different groups of students through this process. Most of the students were interested, but a few could not resist the pull of their mobile phones! One needed to go to the bathroom and did not return. Perhaps it is just as well Charles is a farmer not a teacher!
The event was very capably run by Rowan Morphett, the energetic and dedicated teacher at Exeter High School. She encourages a love of animals and a love of the land in her pupils, as well as developing their self esteem. She should be congratulated on her enthusiasm for the breed.

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