120 beef breeders keen to learn more about cattle selection and Breedplan enjoyed early cups of coffee before the two lecturers from SBTS started their day at 9am at Woodbourn, Cressy.

The day was called “Closer to your clients” but it could just have easily been called:

“What you see is not necessarily what you get – a guide to cattle selection – getting more from your beef operation.”

“It was so good to see so many people here at Woodbourn and great to have the Angus and Murray Grey groups working together to hold this day at Woodbourn, “Mr Wallace said. “It also seemed appropriate to hold the day at Woodbourn as we already had the facilities set up for such presentations, because of the Angus and Murray Grey sales we hold here each year.”

The day was divided into three sections.

  1. An interactive discussion on traits of importance, selection methods and an introduction to breeding values.

A guide to interpreting EBV’s.

A practical session followed with the theme being “What you see is not necessarily what you get”. Two pairs of two Murray Greys were studied and discussed with different ages and body type being discussed with EBV’s in mind

  1. After morning tea, there were three presentations detailing selection with EBV’s and the production outcomes which follow, how the figures are generated and the 18 EBV traits, and finally some work with indexes.
  2. After lunch, two groups of fifteen bulls, one Angus and one Murray Grey were allocated to the participants. Small groups of participants were then asked to chose bulls for purchase using a set of criteria and a budget. This was a very interesting session with much interaction and later discussion.

The day was a very interesting one with good comments from the participants as they left shortly after 4pm.

Both Andrew Byrne and his fellow presenter Christian Duff were very clear and professional in their presentation.

Peter Parnell, CEO of the Angus Society and Gail Menegon, Director on the Murray Grey Board were present as were representatives from the five sponsors for the day.

Greenhams, Elders, nab, Roberts, and Pfizer as well as the Tasmanian Angus and MG Groups.

It was something I have been wanting to do for a number of years, Mr Wallace said, and the day far surpassed my expectations in both the interest shown by participants and the willingness of the sponsors to take part, and finally the professional and interesting presentations by the Southern beef Technology Services (SBTS) team who mixed well the interactive practical discussions with the yard demonstrations and group excercises.

It was the first practical field day held in Tasmania by the SBTS team.

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