On a beautiful sunny day at Cressy, Northern Tasmania, a great crowd of people inspected the offering at the 35th annual Woodbourn Murray Grey Sale. Comments were made about the Woodbourn bulls being the most even line ever offered.





A magnificent female Woodbourn Hampers Pride with her beautiful soft well grown heifer calf at her side was on a number of people’s shopping list. She was quickly sold after the sale for $5000. This unit was  accompanied by 30 soft feminine females, a number with calves at foot.

Excitement built as a large crowd gathered in the sale barn  A good number of cattle breeders had made the trip from interstate and King Island, which resulted in half the offering of 63 head going over the water.





The atmosphere in the sale barn was buoyant as the sale began and after the first two bulls sold well, Lot 3 Woodbourn Harpoon H28 came in to much interest from the crowd. Bidding for this outstanding silver bull, frame 6.6 started slowly, then was off to a battle between two breeders from Victoria and South Australia. This is one of the best bulls offered at Woodbourn and had exceptional Breedplan figures ranging from +2.8 for birth to +64 for 600 days as well as great carcase figures including positive fats. He went to Willalooka in South Australia for $14500.



Local support again was very strong from mainly commercial cattlemen, who continue to source their genetics from the Woodbourn stud.

In his opening speech, Mr Wallace announced that his Angus stud is being dispersed and the Woodbourn Murray Grey Stud will, in effect go up in numbers.


Sale summary:

24 bulls to $14500 to average $3847

6 mature females to $4000, to average $2583

22 heifers to $2750 to average $1555.

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