Murray Greys

The Woodbourn Murray Grey Stud is situated at Cressy, in Northern Tasmania in a picturesque valley between two mountain ranges. It is a very productive area with an irrigation scheme through the centre and beef, sheep and cropping the main industries. Located near Launceston and the airport and the overnight ferry terminal, Woodbourn is ideally situated for interested cattle breeders to visit the area and enjoy all the attractions Tasmania has to offer. Wineries, mountains, trout fisheries, sea horses, rivers and history are all combined in this fascinating region.


Woodbourn is owned and run by Charles Wallace who began breeding Murrey Grey grey cattle as a teenager in 1969 and has maintained a passion for Murry Greys ever since. His dedication to the breed has remained steadfast, as has his adherence to a strict set of breeding objectives.

With a natural eye for the type and style of cattle which Charles believes the industry needs, any new genetics introduced to Woodbourn must fit a strict set of criteria to ensure the continuation of a ‘line’ of cattle. This consistency of type in the Woodbourn herd enables Charles to produce an even line of bulls each year and to give buyers confidence in selecting a quality young sire from anywhere in the offering.


From an early and very successful show career Woodbourn changed its emphasis to a more commercially focussed herd. Woodbourn was the second Murray Grey herd to register with Breedplan. Charles believes that Breedplan is a vital tool in the objective selection of an animal, but he is also adamant that visual appraisal is vital to ensure structural correctness and type.

Highlights over the years of breeding grey cattle have been twenty seven successful annual sales, Charles’ part in the amalgamation of the Tasmanian Murray Grey Cattle Society with the Murray Grey Beef Cattle Society, record breaking sales to England, Scotland, Cuba, Canada and New Zealand and Charles being rewarded a Life Membership for his services to the Murray Grey breed.

The Woodbourn Murray Grey Sale is held in early May each year and offers thirty magnificent, feminine females and thirty big strong bulls. The Woodbourn bulls’ figures are true curve benders, with extremely low birth weight EBV’s matched with extremely high 600 day weight EBV’s. We are one of the few studs in the country, that has managed to maintain and increase growth figures while maintaining fat and increasing EMA and IMF to be in the top percentiles. There will be more information on the sale page of this web site.