Woodbourn Client Service

We have always sought to look after our clients in many ways with:

  1. stock selection
  2. advice
  3. free freight
  4. personal deliveries
  5. sound guarantees
  6. terms for payment
  7. Extensive health guarantees – AM, NH and BVDV free
  8. Pfizer Star Assurance
  9. and after sales service.

The latest and most comprehensive service to assist you further in breeding better beef, ultimately leading to a better bottom line, is our major new sire program.

What we set out to do four years ago was to make a massive change in our sire battery. We evaluated what we needed to achieve and with that in mind and a very stringent set of selection criteria, we sourced the very best genetics we could find.

We are adamant that the sires we select be chosen, not only on Breedplan figures, but on physical attributes, to ensure they match the very high structural and temperament standards we have set ourselves. With these very strict multi trait criteria set in place Woodbourn purchased a new generation of bulls from four well respected studs. These bulls have set us on a new path.

It is exciting times at Woodbourn and for those who have chosen to base their herd on Woodbourn genetics.

We love what we do and are proud of the cattle we are offering you.

We invite you to be part of the continuing development of the Woodbourn cattle.