Breeding Objectives

In breeding Angus cattle, Woodbourn is looking for traditional Angus – the good old cattle we used to breed, but with more scale. In sourcing the Creekton herd we believe we accessed the type of females we were looking for and we just needed to source sires who would add the scale needed.

Woodbourn has raised the frame of the original Creekton lines but has maintained the predictability and evenness of the cattle together with the soft fleshing, good feet and low birth figures they have always been known for. It has taken a strict set of criteria to achieve this result and we, at Woodbourn would not compromise these goals by being swayed away from structure purely to chase Breedplan figures.

However, once our cow herd had reached a standard of structural soundness and type, which we were satisfied with, it was time to take the herd to a new level. With the above in mind, in 2004 we went to NSW and WA and sourced bulls that fitted our stringent criteria. We bought four bulls which were structurally correct and which had impressive Breedplan figures. Then again, in 2005, we went to NSW and looked at 700 bulls. We bought just two sires from that selection …for the top price at both sales.

These new sires represent a number of well known international sires but in all aspects they have been chosen to continue the consistency of type. As we put in our catalogue, we source these new bulls with the strength of their sires in mind while assessing the bull’s own figures and structural appeal. Structure is the key to our selection, keeping the easy fleshing, easy doing and correctness with good temperament that Woodbourn is known for.

This using of sons of well known international sires, means not only that we can select our new sire for all the attributes we want and need, including temperament, but it also means that we have dodged, to a large degree, the genetic problems that are causing so much grief to many dedicated stud breeders.

We are confident that what we are doing is the right way to introduce new genetics to the industry.

To maintain this high standard, Woodbourn sources new genetics each year, including this year, when it purchased a magnificent son of Mohnen Dynamite, (Texas Dynamite E139) for $30 000, a sale record. This bull has created considerable interest in the beef industry, not only here in Australia but also in New Zealand, Canada, and the USA.

It is hoped semen will be available early in 2012.

Comments from the catalogue

“Top Stud Sire Prospect – E139 is a moderate framed deep bodied soft smooth skinned animal with a tremendous hindquarter and oozes the style and strength of a stud sire. People chasing that elusive outstanding looking bull with the EBV’s to match, then maybe you have found just found him. Top 1% for 600day, TI index, top 5% for 200, 400, SS, CWT, HG & SF index, top 15% fro GL and EMA.”

We will certainly continue sourcing bulls this way….. that is, we will continue to assess them visually.

This said …… you can come to Woodbourn confident of selecting quality bulls from throughout the catalogue and knowing that structurally the bulls will be correct. The Breedplan figures will have high growth, high carcase and will maintain moderate birth.

The recipe that the feedlot is looking for and what we are delivering