The Woodbourn Angus Stud is situated in Northern Tasmania in a picturesque valley with a plentiful supply of water and an intensive cropping program to complement the sheep and cattle enterprises.

View of Woodbourn
In 1990 Woodbourn wanted a new challenge in their cattle enterprise and Angus cattle were an obvious choice, as they complemented their existing Murray Grey Stud. A preference for Angus and Murray Greys over all other breeds in feedlots, is common knowledge and their carcase success is unequalled. In forming the Woodbourn Angus Stud, Charles Wallace secured females from the Creekton Stud; a stud well respected for quality, soundness and temperament. Charles Wallace was already a well known stud cattle breeder with years of experience behind him, and with his skilled eye and a strict breeding program, has developed an enviable line of cattle.

Angus-bulls-Wodbourn-laneAs breeders of Angus cattle, Woodbourn sees these as exciting times. There is great optimism for the Angus breed; it has its own brand, its progeny command premium prices. The Angus Society has increased market demand, increased production, increased efficiency of production, and has made ever increasing advances in technology and marketing effectiveness to the point where the Angus Society enables commercial and seedstock producers to be winners in the Australian Beef Industry.
Woodbourn sees itself as being strategically placed to benefit from such strength and plans to continue its balanced breeding program, producing cattle which are moderate to large framed, quiet, structurally sound, have all important doing ability and have strong, well balanced Breedplan figures.